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About Expert Interventions

Mission Interventions, either by invitation or the more traditional approach, are done with love and compassion. Addiction and Codependence education is provided to the family prior to the Intervention as well as support for the alcoholic/addict and family during and following treatment.

Family We are independent consultants. Your needs are our only concern. All recommendations are completeley confidential and independent of any affiliation. We are familiar with the leading treatment centers throughout the United States.

Each family situation is unique so the scope and approach to each intervention must vary accordingly.

A family intervention is a respectful process for chemical dependency as a family disease. This model is invitational; all family members are a crucial part of the solution. The entire family is invited to work together to address multiple issues in a non judgmental safe environment.

As part of the process, everyone learns about addiction and the many different patterns that allow for continued imbalance on the individual and at the family level.

The intervention method we use incorporates love in a simple and direct approach, allowing the alcoholic/addict a way out with dignity. We offer hope and guidance to the addict and the family throughout the intervention process with a strong follow-up case management.